Black no. 1 Milli Skins

Jade Glazner of Black No. 1 Skins has just added a sexy new face to skins line. Milli comes in 6 different makeups per skin tone, and two brows options. I'm wearing the Milli in Light skin tone, and Light brows above.

I love the soft & sweet look to these, and I think they're stunning.

Typically when I do skin reviews, I wear my own Gogo shape but today I'm wearing the Millli shape included with the fatpack (also sold separately). I'm equally as picky about my shape as I am with skins, but I totally recommend picking up the Milli shape to go with these skins if you're looking for a new 'you' but don't want to spend a lot of time tweaking your shape.

I only made the body a lil thinner, but the shape really does look just like this out of the package. You know I don't normally recommend other peoples shapes but this is good, the proportions are good and the face is stunning. I'll probably mod it some more for my own usage and make some type of a Gogo-Milli hybrid shape.

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What I'm Wearing:

Truth – Heather (Caramel) hair
Black No. 1 – Milli Skins
BAX – Prestige Boots Leather Red

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  1. lol Gogo. You made her smaller and i made her errrm thicker . U do however love her face . I left it untouched. Thank you for showcasing this skin. Its almost impossible to get me out of Laq’s glow skins but this is a refreshing change.

  2. Gogo, I would so appreciate it if you could tell me where you got those prim lashes from. I am just dying to find a good pair, and these look amazing on you!
    hugs ‘nd kisses.

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