Church of Lux, Bunny Ears!

Church of Luxe has just released these adorable Bunny Ears! I'm wearing the Peony colored Big Bunny and Little Bunny ears. The pearls are scripted to color-change on the ears to 4 different colors and a "none" option if you want to wear it without pearls.

( Leafy – Break Free pose)

These ears probably won't help you fly but they look like they can!! 😀 I found two adorable poses from Leafy in my inventory and they're just perfect for photographing amongst sheeps @ the Empress and Hierophant sim.

( Leafy – Voldo 2 pose)

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Lumine-Pure Skin
Friday – Cassie (Delighted Blond)
Chuch of Luxe – Bunny Ears
Couverture – Zephyr coralpink dress
House of London/Cherry – The Alice Cullen Flats (Ivory)

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