Ambiance Summerset Bathroom Set

The Ambiance Summerset Bathroom Set is so gorgeous!! Like the other Ambiance furnishing sets, this one is also texture-changeable with the click of a mouse. Shown below are all four of the choices available: Cream, Charcoal, BlueGrey, and Earthtones

The Ambiance Summerset Bathroom set includes these features:

– FOUR texture change options (get four sets for the price of one!)
– Sculpted Bathtub with single bathing, double bathing, single and double relaxing and cudding animations and realistic water
– Double sink with hand washing, teeth brushing, hair drying and brushing and shaving animations as well as realistic water
– Shower with single shower, double shower and cuddle animations and realistic water
– Toilet with animations
– Candles and lighting that are touch activated for on/off

View of the Tub/shower, double sink, toilet & hammper, and another view of the tub & wall art.

This set is includes everything you would find in a real bathroom ~ I looooove it!!



  1. wow this set actually makes me want to force lucas to build a bathroom into our house lol

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