Pink Outfitters

Pink Outfitters has just released some casual tank tops, sweaters and patchwork shorts that mix and match really well with each other. I'm LOVING the patchwork shorts soo much, they're so sweet and full of colors so they will match practically everything.

If you're looking for some basics, visit Pink Outfitters and stock up!! 🙂

What I'm Wearing:

Pink Outfitters – Billie Lace Tank Top (Black, Cream)
Pink Outfitters – Cher Sweetheart Sweater (Black, Blue)
Pink Outfitters – Patchwork Shorts (Blue, Neutrals)
BeBae – Erin *Cinna/Frost-1b
Tekuteku – Group gift -June- hair
Dark Mouse – Abalone Dreams Necklace (Copper)
katat0nik – (clown) Katty Bunny Doll

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