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The Harajuku Bake Sale going on right now until September 17th, so you have 2 days left to buy the goodies!! I picked up a pack of these fun Riddle 'Bake Sale Tops' fatpack, they were super cheap (I think $200L).

Tp to the Harajuku Bake Sale or read the blog entry @ Harajuku Box Blog to see more goodies.

[ Fascino hair – Lico (Orchid) and Ayan (Orchid) ]

ALSO…… Fascino hair has re-opened! YAY! However, I totally don't recommend buying the hairstyles if you're not comfortable with modding hair. Typically, most hair will fit with just a few stretches but I suspect that the creator of Fascino has a much longer and narrow head than I do, so it took forever to mod these two hairstyles above (and I changed the prims a lot where I don't even know if it still looks like how the creator intended).

There are 3 sizes in the demo, if the "Small" doesn't fit you, you can count on spending a lot of time modding. Just a helpful tip!!

Visit Fascino anyways, the textures are awesome.

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  1. I think you did a good job modding the Fascino hair.I think you saw my rant on plurk so good tip about the information about the hair size and modding.

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