Dutch Touch Cleo Skins & Dark Mouse

I have to admit, this Dutch Touch skin took awhile for me to go "wow" mainly because I'm totally biased when it comes to skins with only dark brows options. I like them, but I dont LOVE them, the way I love skins that I can wear Blonde hair with. But once I got past my brow-phobia, I realized that I totally LOVE the complexion, the lips, the nose.. Iki has really outdone herself and I definitely think this is my favorite DT face yet.

The skin comes in 2 brows options – EB1 and EB2, they're both brown but one is lighter than the other (slightly). If Iki is reading this, I totally want lighter and thinner brows.. or just thinner, I will settle for that. I promise to wear the skin a lot!!

( Dutch Touch – Cleo Punk Fatpack Freckles )

Annd.. if you're looking for more Jewelry Fair items, check out Dark Mouse! I'm wearing four recently released jewelry sets, all in Silver. The sets goes sooo well with this hair & skin, <3 them!!

The Jewelry Fair can be found on these two sims: JewelryFair 1 and JewelryFair 2.

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What I'm Wearing:

Dutch Touch – Cleo (Cream Punk Fatpack)
Tiny Bird – Girl Anachronism (Espresso)
Dutch Touch – Tanktop White2
LeeZu – BritPants (silver)
Elate! – Square Stone Ring (Opal)
Dark Mouse – 30's Art Deco Mother of Pearl Necklace & Earrings
Dark Mouse – Cascading Beads Necklace & Earrings (Silver)
Dark Mouse – Deco Necklace & Earrings (Silver)
Dark Mouse – Shell Flower Necklace & Earrings (Silver)

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