Gimme cleavage!

Many skins in SL have a great cleavage but if your favorite skin needs a little more, what can you do? Wear boobs shaders!! I am wearing the Imagen BewbShader3000 on undershirt layer to achieve a subtle "push-up" effect.

My issue with boobs shaders that are not custom made for the skin is that they tend to look more grayish, and not very natural. A lot of my fav skin designers are offering push-up or more cleavage-y versions of their skins now though, so I'm so happy about that <33333!!!!!

Pick up a free copy of the Imagen BewbShader3000 @ Imagen's main store, if you want to try this 😀

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  1. I went to the main store, but oddly I couldn’t find this… Wanted to try it with some older skins that make me look a bit… flat…

  2. One place that does a good (not free) boob shader is Street Dermatology. SD also offers normal, super cleavage, and flat chested options in their skins, which is just awesome.

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