Kookie and Djinn & Tonic

Are you ready????? Autumn weather IS here!! It's been raining like crazy where I live, and even flooding in some parts. I wish I had one of these Kookie Ono sweaters IRL, it's perfect and cozy.  The Ono sweater also includes the hair (it's attached to the hoodie).

I'm pairing the Kookie Ono sweater with a pair of Djinn & Tonic Tweedheart pants in Navy. These two pieces were made for each other, they go SO well together. The Navy color even matches <3

The Djinn & Tonic Tweedheart pants comes in 6 yummy Autumn shades:

What I'm Wearing:

LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLIght-makeup7
Kookie – Coco Shoes
Kookie – Ono Sweater
Djinn & Tonic – Tweedheart Slacks
MKN – Mouskouri glases

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  1. may i ask what MKN stands for because i just cannot figure it out, and i am totally digging those glasses (they look so nerd chic :D).
    great blog post, as always.

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