Nothing makes me happier…

Nothing makes me happier than a gift of FREE SKINS, and they're nice and normal makeups, without crap all over the face. Thank you Dutch Touch! 🙂

This looks a lot like Cleo but it is actually a mix of Cleo and bits and pieces from previous DT skins. Isn't it lovely? I hope this one gets a name and a line of its own. For now, the skin is only available inside the subscribo @ Dutch Touch.

What I'm Wearing:

Dutch Touch – GroupSkin: Special No1 & No2 Caramel
Maitreya – Zoe (Cacao)
Blowpop – Yvette (white half cup bra)
Fish Strawberry – Lucille Oh'doll Dress (Petroleum)
Caroline's – Baby Turtles Jewelry Set in Gold
Juicy – Classic Pumps (Marshmallow)

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