Gala Phoenix Breeze2 Skins

Breeze 2, by Gala Phoenix!! I'm so excited about these, and I know fans of Breeze 2 will be pleasantly surprised with the updates to the body and a whole new set of makeups. These skins comes in 6 makeups (2 versions each) and includes freckles.

The previous Breeze(1) body had darker shadings on the torso than Breeze(2), this new version has less shading and looks softer and more natural. So there you have it, that is the main difference. From what I can see, the face is still the same as before.

Find Breeze @ Skin&Shape Expo this weekend!

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Breeze2 (Petal) (all)
Lelutka – Juliet hair (Ginger Red)
artilleri – wing heart necklace *yellow beads*
artilleri – Wilma Dress (Yellow)
Juicy – Classic Pumps (Apple)

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  1. hi, you look beautiful in these skins! i am a total curio convert as well.
    i have added your site to my blogroll + would love love love to share links with you ;o)

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