Gala Phoenix Lovely 2 Skins

Gala Phoenix will be releasing the Lovely 2 this weekend. I've always thought this face was very expressive and pouty, more so than the other Gala faces. Lovely 2 has a great makeup selection, I will probably be going Brunette for this skin! I don't ever Photoshop images on my skin posts, so if this skin looks soft and PERFECT, it's because it IS!  The complexion is sooo soft, I want it on all my skins <3

( Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] Lovely 2 )

I found this U&R Dogs 'Bolero Necklace" at Jewelry Fair. This necklace comes in 2 versions – Long & Short and you can tint it 9 different colors via a menu. I totally love the style and I don't have a necklace that is longer on the back like this. I don't like that it's full-bright with no option to turn the brightness off 🙁 To all jewelry designers: if you MUST make something full-bright, please include a non-bright option or make your items mod.

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Lovely 2 skins
Maitreya – Bo (Coffee) hair
U&R Dogs – Bolero Necklace
Insolence – Laure Violet Outfit
Hays Uriza – Sayuri (Midnight Purple) Pumps

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  1. So so so pretty! I’m fidgeting in my seat waiting for skin fair. i’ll be at those curio’s as fast as ever!
    these really suit you 🙂

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