Black No. 1 Riley Skins

Black No. 1 has just released the Riley skins in 8 makeups. You won't have to beat the skin fair lag to get these, they're released at the main store, yay! I love the eye shadows on these, and plenty of lip gloss on the lips. Visit Black No. 1 to demo these!

( click the image get a closer look of the makeups in full-size )

Join the Black No. 1 group in-world and check notices to get this free "Kat Von D" makeup in all skin tones.

I'm wearing sexy new Hucci Heart Halter tops. Hucci has finally OPENED!!! Visit Hucci!

What I'm Wearing:

Black No. 1 – Riley skins (Light)
Cake – Papercut II (Currant) hair
Naith Smit – Rock'n'Rolla Chain
Hucci – Heart Halter (all colors)
AddiCt – PYT Leggings Black

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