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BeBae Fiona (work in progress)

I don't often blog skins that are still a work in progress because that's teasing, and that's not nice. But I wanted to share the new BeBae Fiona skin that Torie Senne is currently working on. I like it a lot and this is actually the 7th revision of this skin. I like giving feedback if the skin maker actually 'gets' what I want. Since I'm not all that technical I don't know what they have to do to get that look, so if I say 'hey add more shine', and they're able to do it in a good way, I'm totally happy!

I started out SL as a Brunette, but about half a year later, I decided that my avatar would make a better Blonde. I think that most skin brands in SL are better suited for Brunettes. It's very hard to find a skin that will work with all shades of Blondes, and even harder for Red heads. Brunettes have it GOOD in SL when it comes to finding a skin that will match the brows perfectly.

I know I switch a lot between Blonde/Brunette, but 80% of my hairstyles are Blonde.

Are you currently wearing the hair color you started out as?

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  1. Terri Zhangsun

    Very pretty! I wear brunette and black hair only.

  2. Rezzie

    Hmmm.. I started out at blonde for the first few days because it was the only hair I had that wasn’t system hair. But I’ve been in black hair for the year and change afterwards (randomly changing to blonde when I think it fits, but only about 5% of the time).

  3. Lara Aridian

    I started SL as a blonde nearly 4 years ago, switched to brunette, then back to blonde, then brunette, then blonde.. Now I’m brunette again thanks to Tuli’s gothic skins <3

  4. Ayami Imako

    I have hair styles in about every color but for the most part I’ve stuck with black through my two years in SL. It was hard for a while .. alot of skin designers didn’t for the longest time make black eyebrows, only brown or occasionally blonde, and colorable eyebrows are few and far between .. not to mention problematic. Thats a trend that has happily started to change though.

  5. Shelly Oanomochi

    At the moment I am wearing a platinum blonde flyback hairstyle that I created on my own. When I started SL, I started as a brunette as I am in RL. 🙂 But I love to change it up in SL! Fun, fun, fun! 🙂

  6. Shadow

    I am a red head in SL… Though I tend to have hair with black or dark highlights. This has been the case from my first week of SL.

  7. Lei

    I started out in 2005 with hair from Lost Therian that was Ice Blue…I was then a red-head for agessss.
    The past 3 years I’ve been a brunette: Browns/Blacks but I do enjoy wearing my platinum blondes from time to time 🙂
    I agree that most skins look better with darker hair

  8. SarahTheRed

    I’ve been a redhead since day one. I’ll occasionally wear another color for a specific look, but generally, I don’t recognize myself without red hair.

  9. JeanGenie Jewell

    i started as i am totally blond lol..and i find most Laqroki skins work very well with blond hair even if they were made for brunette..

  10. jen

    where do you get your eyelashes, they’re so great!

  11. Bellatrix Mai

    I started as blonde but since i’m blonde rl it was kinda boring with a blonde av in sl. I also think black hair textures often look better than blonde. I love when skins have dark and blonde eyebrow options!

  12. Lizzie Lexington

    I was a redhead in SL when I first started and lately I have recently returned to my roots so to speak.

  13. Chandni Khondji

    I am a redhead and was always a redhead, i found that my skin looks perfect with it, i was lucky – sadly that store is not existant anymore so i cannot get different makeups but i am so happy with my skin that i never want to get another one – sorry all you skin designers *grins*

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