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Gala skin teaser…

This is so exciting!! Gala Phoenix will be releasing the second set of makeups for some of her existing faces @ Skin & Shape Expo this weekend. I'm wearing two of the new Breeze makeups above <3

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  1. ToyD

    I know you wont’ allow this to go through cause the truth from people is never good, and sl is more like the phony media than some down to earth community that likes to communicate both the good and the bad, but when designers give people like you stuff first, it totally turns of a lot of people i know, into never buying their products. You blog and that’s great but you are not an expert on anything at all. I think everyone should have got a demo or maybe at least got to pay for those 2 if they wanted them before the big unveil of everything else. It’s just sort of sad. Not to mention on Friday when this all goes down the arc nazis will be posting to go bald and wear the least amount of attachments myth again. It is a huge myth. Even the linden’s posted about this but anyone intelligent enough to understand how Sl works, knows this already.

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