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Gogo does Jewerly Fair >> Rozoregalia

Jewelry Fair is ON! The Jewelry Fair can be found on these two sims: JewelryFair 1 and JewelryFair 2. I went last night, there are lots of gorgeous jewelry from some well-known brands and lots of new-to-me brands. I wanted to squish all of my finds into a single entry but I just have to show you these Rozoregalia items first. They're SO gorgeous!!!!!!!!

I'll be featuring 2 items I found from Rozoregalia that caught my eye: the Vinca necklace, and the Rosenkavalier BlackHat&Hair. These items are no modify but includes a resize menu (not ideal, but you can work with it).

( Vinca necklace – Back & Front view)

( Rosenkavalier BlackHat&Hair – also includes the hat alone, so you can wear it with other hairstyles )

I adore my Kyoot outfit, although it's very old, it was the perfect outfit to pair with the Rozoregalia items.

What I'm Wearing:

Kira Ahn Skins – Lilly – Pale/Brown Brows/Make Up 06
Rozoregalia – Rosenkavalier BlackHat & Hair (darkblonde)
Rozoregalia – VINCA necklace
Kyoot – Dead naga Mini (Black)
Kyoot – Snake Charmer Shirt
J's – Goth Ribbon LaceUpBoots (Black)

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  1. Bliss Windlow

    great outfit, great poses, great pics!!

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