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Katat0nik Gatcha Gatcha Festival Stuff!

I bought a bunch of stuff at the Gatcha Gatcha festival but my inventory is a mess and they weren't labelled "Gatcha" so I can't remember what they all were. Here's the stuff that I DO remember!! Katat0nik is practically giving away these adorable Kattypop purses – you pay the lil' Katat0nik machine $15L per play and get a random color. They are no copy/transfer so you can exchange with a friend or give it away, if you get doubles. The purse also includes the 'hold' animation, and works great with your AO.

Don't forget to try the HANAUTA food machine! On my first try I scored the Petit Tart in Strawberry flavor. Whoohoo! It matched the Katat0nik Strawberry Dollie Dress perfectly.

Tp to Gatcha Gatcha

What I'm Wearing:

Laqroki – Phoebe 01 [Fair] Glow Skin
Truth – Mavi (Caramel)
katat0nik – Strawberry Dollie Dress (white)
katat0nik – Bubbly Mary Janes (Red)
katat0nik – Kattypop Purse
Hanauta – Petit Tart (Strawberry)

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