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Laqroki Phoebe Glow Skins

Whoa…… hot! Laqroki has just released 6 new glow skins, one of them is a remake of the original Phoebe skins. I looove it sooo much!! Phoebe (Glow) has 8 makeups & includes a hair base version. This is one of my favorite faces ever, it’s so sweet and realistic.

Here are all 8 Phoebe makeups, I’m wearing the Peach skin tone:

Phoebe (Glow) is definitely an upgrade from the original Phoebe. The original skin only came in one skin tone, it was very light and cute but the new Phoebe (Glow) skins comes in 3 skin tones and have more makeups.

( Laqroki – Phoebe [Fair]  old & new face )

( Laqroki – Phoebe [Fair]  old & new body )

The upgrades are so yum, I think you will find a new favorite amongst the newly released skins. They’re

SUCH a great deal at $1,990L per fatpack.

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Blacklisted released some new lingerie sets, I’m wearing the Cornbead, Be Starin’ and Lonely Soldier prints above. These lingerie sets includes matching thigh high socks (not shown).

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  1. Beanie Canning

    Hey Gogo! I ran and picked up the demos when I saw your post. Omg this skin is soooo adorable! Thanks so much for posting it!

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