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Second Wave Apparel

Second Wave Apparel has just re-released the popular CrossTop sets in White, Red, Pink and Black. These have new textures and each color includes 3 fabric options – Regular, Satin, and Latex. I love wearing it with Bax Coen's Prestige Boots in matching colors (except for Pink, cos they haven't been made yet.. *cries*).

Here's a closer view of the front & back of this outfit. Do you see the little zipper detail on the pants? So sexy!

I <3 this outfit, I feel like clubbing Gogo-Barbie. Where's my box?!

Tp to Second Wave Apparel

What I'm Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] April-Redbud 1
Exile – Carrie (Harlow) hair
SWA – Crosstop (all colors)
AddiCt – Swack! Tat 1
Shine – Geheimnis necklace
Bax Coen – Prestige Boots (all colors)

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  1. Sioxie Legend

    Bax put her boots in my store – so anyone wishing to purchase the boots to go with the outfit can do so in one stop at my store! I’ll be sending out notices to my group today and blogging it. I love that the boots go so well with the outfit!
    Now I have to make a jacket and skirt and pants and gloves etc., so that everyone can be zipped up in tight shiny latex or shimmery silk… Of course there’s the knit too for those of you with sensitive skin… Sigh – it seems that the Cross-top is an ever evolving project and will never ever go away.
    Thank you Gogo – for blogging this. The pictures are fabulous and you did a really great job.

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