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The Closet by Glitterati Poses & CLICK Props

Welcome to The Closet… *cues MTV Cribs music*

( pose #20 seen here)

Glitterati Poses & Click Props have combined forces to bring you The Closet. This closet prop includes a menu with 30 unique closet animations and two avatars can pose at once inside the closet!! The closet build also includes working doors & typical "shopping props" – shoe boxes, shopping bags, shoes.

There are shelves inside the closet so you can rez even more shoes and shoe boxes if you want a messier closet. I Loooove it!!

Some of the animations can be seen below:

The closet is copy/mod so you can re-texture if you want to customize it more and put it inside your SL house. The animations are copyable so you can pull them out of the closet and put them into your own pose ball or pose stand and pose virtually everywhere.

Tp to Gliterrati


( pose #12 seen here )

/edit/ I failed SO hard, I thought I had snapped all the animations available in this closet, but apparently there's another menu after 21 poses!! So there's a total of 30 poses, wow!

What I'm Wearing:

LeLutka – LondonRevolutionLight-makeup5
Mirai Style – Romi (Pearl&White)
Hucci – Key of Life Necklace & Earrings set
Bijou – Surrrender (Pink)
Celestia Studios – Black Fishnet Tights
Hays Uriza – Sayuri (Ribbon Pumps ) Midnight Purple

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  1. Layne Jewell

    I have Clicks other pose sets. Amazing textures and detail. Its col to see him hook up with glitterati. His other props come on a rezzer board so scenes are super easy to change through and you dont have to leave them set out to consume prim when not in use. Click is my favorite prop/pose pieces i own.
    His other sets are:
    mirrored vault
    detective office
    ritz elevator
    all this comes with a hud and control board for easy peasy switching. =)

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