Anaface – are you a 10?

I saw the Anaface anlysis on someone's flickr stream and thought I would try it on my avatar too. According to their facial analysis, Gogo is only an 8.64 out of 10. If you scored a perfect 10, I would love to see it!! Post your results in this entry. 🙂

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  1. The problem I have with this is the idea that there is only ONE way to be beautiful. Say what you like, these people are telling you that your nose is supposed to be a CERTAIN length and width, your mouth is a little too big etc. I know lots of women in Real Life (capitalized) who get way too hung up on this stuff and I guess we carry our baggage into SL with us. Too bad …

  2. My avatar got an 8.8 and my RL face got a 7.7. Most of its problems (with both!) were that my nose is too big.
    But I *like* my nose. Both of my noses, which look nothing alike!

  3. Wow, with Lili I got a 9.21 (but it depends a lot on how good you are in placing the points) and I won’t even try with a RL pic, cause I know I am not symmetrical (but beauty, haha! lol)

  4. Interesting!
    My av got an 8.25 out of 10 & my RL face got an 8.6. What the heck is “poor horizontal symmetry” ?

  5. The highest my SL av got was 9.17. I couldn’t find a decent RL pic of me to use, otherwise I would’ve. I’m never looking straight at the camera :S I’m always at least somewhat facing away and it screws up on me when I try with those pics, lol.

  6. Hmmm I pulled an 8.64 but interesting to note here is that I hit the back key, redid 17 (chin point) in virtually the same place, did this about 10 times and my score went from 7.53 to 9.01 so definitely not anything exact going on here.
    We are all 10’s anyways, right ladies!!!!

  7. my avatar got a 9.17 and a 8.45 only in rl.
    I don’t understand why I have poor horizontal symmetry in sl and a good one in rl.
    Symmetry is 50 in sl. I can’t make it better. Do you have tips? Or it depends of the snapshot?

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