Kunglers has released some adorable new tops!! I like tops with a pattern, especially floral patterns because they're so sweet. These tops are really casual but you can totally mix-and-match them with many pieces in your wardrobe to create different looks.

[ Kunglers – Danielle in Green | Hunt | Black ]

[ Kunglers – Cristiana in Floral | Sand | Rose ]

It's getting cold here! I wish I had the Cristiana in Floral in RL ~ the sculpted cuffs, belts & pattern is very pretty and perfect for Autumn.

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What I'm Wearing:

Laqroki – Phoebe 01 [Nougat] Glow Skin
Exile – Juliette (sambuca) hair
Kunglers – Danielle Blouse
Kunglers – Cristiana Jacket
Bare Rose – Miranda Brown bag
Truth – Restless Denim: 01
Truth – Aurora Heels (Mocha)

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