New Exile and Truth

New hair makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!! Happy Friday everyone, this will be an awesome shopping weekend in SL, I can feel it!

[ Juliette | Cherry | Courtney | Angelica ]

Exile has new hair and new hair textures!! Some old favorite hairstyles will also be updated with this new texture, so they'll be even better than before. These have a very sexy & beachy look to them.

[ Exile – Breeze Remix ]

Wow this one is perfectly named & totally Breeze-y!

[ Truth – Ana, Sable, Gretel, Samantha ]

Truth has just released these 4 hairstyles, and they're so cute!! My favorite is Samantha & Gretel <3 I'm wearing all of them in Cocoa color.

What I'm Wearing:

Cake – Bella (Sao Paulo) 06
Donna Flora – Loretta glasses necklace
Nymphetamine – Paeoti Tre'Lace Mini Dress

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