New Truth Hair

Truth releases new hair!!! I’m wearing the Rebecca, Candice, Yvonne, and Tanya in Mocha. What I love about Truth is that there are so many Browns to choose from!! I’m forever changing my mind about whether I like Mocha, Chocolate, Espresso, Treacle, Walnut… more.

What I’m Wearing:

KA Skins – GS -2nd Birthday- Sunkissed/Happy Birthday Juicy (free during Juicy Bday week)*
Berries Inc. Aahh Hert! Top darkgrey
Exodi – Nadia Shorts (Black)
Donna Flora – Camelia ring
Hucci – Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon (Heart)
Miel – Knee High Socks (Navy)
SLink – Boots

* Juicy sim is celebrating our 2nd birthday, so from October 10th – October 17th you can come by and grab awesome gifts. Some shops have already set out their items, but I would wait until Midnight, October 10th before coming by 🙂

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  1. what exactly is it you do besides let people pay you to rent in your sim? I mean everyone blogs clothes and usually the cooler stuff is on other sites. Truth hair is cool yes, but it’s mainstream. So I just wonder what you do in sl? shapes are easy to make, and thinner and not chubby-ish so what else?

  2. Hi Angie, people DO things in Second Life? That’s news to me, I thought they just logged on and you know, stare at their avatars for awhile, put on some main stream hair, take a picture for their blog, then log off. I guess I am doing it all wrong…… thanks for the tip though, I’ll try to DO SOMETHING with my SLife.
    Oh and shapes are so easy to make I wouldn’t sell enough to pay for my sim. 🙂

  3. hi there,
    where is KA Skins??? I was all over the sim last night and couldn’t find them and they’re not in seach under classifieds or places… help help help!

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