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The Aimesi Elena skins have sweet faces & great highlights that brightens up the whole face. I am wearing three of the lightest skin tones – Bright, Pale, and Tan. There are darker shades available too for those that like a tan look. One thing I'm not completely crazy about is the ultra shine on breasts, it doesn't go with what I would consider a sweet & youthful face on this skin.

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Have you ever wanted shirts with an attitude? Insatiable Fashions has a line of tops with funky designs and pretty funny sayings. Some of them are…

Always Be, Barbie Brat, Bitches Do It Better, Personal Love, and Save The Tatas!

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What I'm Wearing:

Aimesi Skin – Elena (Bright Face1)
Truth – Harlow (cocoa)
Touche – Denim Jeans (Dark Blue)
Friday – Basic Flats (Berry)
Insatiable Fashions – All tops worn here

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