Big Mix Tuesday

Brighten up your Tuesday with some new releases from Elate, Glow and AtomicBambi!

These adorable Joy dresses from Elate comes in various colors & they're just so easy to wear. I like them with flip-flops for an ultra comfy look.

Glow Studio released some nature-themed earrrings if you're looking for something to acessorize your outfit. I love jewelry inspired by nature or using natural materials, it feels better for the environment.. even though that really doesn't apply in SL 😀

Last but not least…

Atomic will be releasing these Baily skins soon. I think this new face is something to look forward to, I like it a lot more than the previously released skins. The nude lipstick is especially worth the $250L I paid to re-join the Atomic VIP group in-world. If you're digging these, pay the fee (unless you're already a member) because gift makeups are not sold in store later.

Oh yeah, I love my AtomicBambi headband!! These are scripted to change colors on the headband and the flowers. It's a dozen headbands rolled into one, for the price of one 🙂

What I'm Wearing:

Atomic Skin – Baily_Honey (VIP Gift 2)
Truth – Belinda (mocha)
Truth – Tanya (mocha)
Elate – Joy Dress (Ice, Blush, Mint)
AtomicBambi Headband – Geneva
Glow – Pure Shellfish, Sparrow Earrings
Glow – Round Mosiac Earrings
Glow – Folk Green
Glow – Folk Blue Moon Earrings
Glow – Folk Forest Earrings
SLink – Jolie Pied Flat Bare Sheila Thongs (comin soon)

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