Dutch Touch Jolie

New Dutch Touch Jolie skins have the prettiest little faces and lightest brows I’ve seen on a DT skin yet! These new Pip makeups on Jolie are so whimsical and adorable and cheerful! Who doesn’t love hearts-shaped lips? I am wearing the Jolie skins in Creme skin tone below:

These skins have 2 cleavage options as well – I’m just wearing the regular boobs here, but there is a very nice push-up version too.

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What I’m Wearing:

Dutch Touch – Jolie Cream (Pip)
69 – Jadore 30 (Plush Brown)
Boom – Park Life Hoodie (Doll Pink)
Zaara – Mishi tank (Ivory)
Zaara – Jeans (Classic) blue
Tresh Blah – Chic Satchel (pink)
Truth – C.Edo Flats (pink Ice)

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