Laqroki Molly Skins

I love this new Laqroki Molly skins! This skin is available in 3 skin tones (I’m wearing Fair here) and each skin tone has 10 makeups. Each makeup comes with 2 different brows version – light and dark. I love that I can wear Blonde hair with this face, since the brows are light enough & thinner than usual.

The Laqroki body is amazing, as always!

I’m wearing this adorable Licio hair from Fascino. I’ve even added a hair bow to the style to make it very Gaga-like. Now, my gripe with Fascino is that they’re incredibly hard to resize and when you resize the hair, the textures are a lil messed up. If you look closely at the hair near my ears, you will see that the textures on the flexi hair strands are a little off, and it drives me crazy! Still, this is the best Gaga-inspired hair on the grid. I have hair from other brands with a hair bow and I don’t like them as much.

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Molly [Fair] Glow Skins
fascino hair – Licio (Orchid)
fascino hair – Ribbon
Hucci – Dance Darling (Pink)
ANEXX – RibbonBeltPumps_Red

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  1. Take a look at BlueHost; I’ve had them for 2 years and been very happy with them. Good support, good service and tons of software available through SimpleScripts installation.

  2. You always look fabulous no matter the skin! Do you have any little hints for tweaking our shapes when we try a new skin. I love my shape, I`ve had it from the start and just changed little bits here and there but I struggle to keep me looking at least a little bit `me` sometimes with various skins.

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