New Exile Hair

( Exile – Single Fox )

Exile has fabulous new hair!! I’m wearing Single Fox, Grace, and Lydia all in Champagne color. I really adore the shape on these hairstyles, they’re so natural and flow-y.

( Exile – Grace )

( Exile – Grace backside )

( Exile – Lydia )

The other day I didn’t get a chance to show you the other half of my outfit…… Donna Flora released some amazing ‘suits’ with so many options. I’m wearing the Karen outfit today with the jacket & cream skirt option. This outfit also comes with a high-waist black prim skirt & can be worn without the jacket.

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Molly 01 [Fair] Glow Skin (Dark Bows)
Exile – Grace, Lydia, Single Fox (Champagne)
Donna Flora – Eccentrica green set (jewelry)
Donna Flora – Eccentrica earrings
Donna Flora – Karen outfit
SLink – Felicia Classic Stiletto (Black)

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