AtomicBambi Lana Skin

Introducing the new AtomicBambi Lana skins! This is AtomicBambi’s very first skin line and they’re impressive. The Lana skins comes in 5 makeups (more on the way soon) and each makeup has a freckles option, and glossy lips option. I think these are very very well done and the makeup choices are lovely. I am not fond of the freckles on this skin (it’s too dark) so I won’t wear it but I don’t usually wear freckles anyways.

This is the Lana in Sunblush skin tone in all 5 makeups.

Regular makeup vs. Glossy lips – See the difference?

The body on Lana features realistic textures & shading, it’s very nice.

Visit AtomicBambi! 🙂

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