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AOHARU you’re so fabulous

The new AOHARU Fur Coat is amazing!! It’s so fabulous and divalicious. The sculpted shape of the coat is really nice and the “fur” texture is great, it really looks soft and cozy. I am pairing it with Luck Inc‘s Petite Net Dress in White and yummy new Tatum.2 hair from Friday.

Everybody loves free skin right? Even though sometimes FREE skins are not so nice, I thought this one was worth a mention. I am wearing the free skin Fhaya “Glossy” skin from OH! It’s pretty cuuuute. You have to join the group to get it, so tp to the shop and click on the sign to join the group and click on the gift boxes in the shop to receive it.

What I’m Wearing:

OH – Fhaya Glossy Skin
Friday – Tatum.2 (Anxious Blonde)
Luck Inc – Petite Net White
AOHARU – FurCoat_G2_WhiteFur
Miam Miam = Diamond Heart & Key Bracelet, Necklace
ANEXX – FringePumps (SilverWhite)

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  1. Violet

    Is Miam out of business??

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