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BeBae and Djinn & Tonic

FINALLY… BeBae will be re-launching today with a new line of skins. Introducing Fabia… in five skin tones, and 10 makeups. I’m wearing one of my favorite tones, Cinna(mon) in this entry. Each makeup also includes a freckles version. I’m so excited!!! They’re beautiful πŸ™‚

Visit BeBae!!

* BeBae will be re-opened at 12:30PM SLT. Don’t forget to join the *BeBae* group in-world to receive the latest group gift!!

If you’re looking for some limited edition goodies this weekend, Designer’s United Event runs from 25th October to 3rd November and is located at the Cupcake sim.

I am wearing DJinn & Tonic’s Oz outfit with matching hat, gloves & accessories.

This outfit comes with 2 hats choices — the Haunted Flight hat and the Crow’s Nest.

My favorite acessory from this otufit is the Up up and away… attachment! Wear it and be lifted into the air by a flock of crows πŸ˜›

If you’re still looking for a festive Halloween outfit, visit Djinn & Tonic’s main store to get the Hallow dress. It includes the dress pictured below & has a matching hat.

Visit Djinn & Tonic!!

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  1. Missy

    Lovely skins, shame about the seams πŸ™
    /me wonders why bloggers are not picking up on it.

  2. JeanGenie Jewell

    i would probably join bebae group if there were group joiner in shop..the automatic one asked me once and never again…

  3. Queen Watanabe

    very nice skins Juicy, I love the face details and the make up!

  4. JeanGenie Jewell

    again…a group joiner in the shop? no? i hate when you walk in and it asks you if you want to join..i want to test the product and THEN join if i want..

  5. Sonikaa

    Hi, Juicy maybe you know what happen with Bebae? I’m in group but today i saw that none owner is… I saw that you are moderator of group so maybe you should write some post about what happen with Bebae?

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