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Free Speerit Fiona Skin

Join the Free Speerit group in-world and check the notices to receive this Fiona skin for FREE. This skin was debut at one of the skin fairs awhile back but it will be released soon.

I normally don't wear skin this dark but I hear from friends that it's very very hard to find a nice dark skin. Fiona has a great face and the body looks fantastic.

Psst…… If you like this pose and the standing poses above, visit Glitterati! These are "Breast Cancer Awareness" poses, they're totally free to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

I'm wearing the Hucci Pole Diva tank & Hucci FurBomb, it's totally divalicious and goes SO well with this whole look <3

What I'm Wearing:

Free Speerit Skin – Fiona Glow
Truth – Samantha (cocoa)
skream – Grave chains necklace
Hucci – FurBomb (Iron)
Hucci – Pole Diva Tank (White Silver)
MG Fashion – Vintage Inspired Jeans (grey)
ANEXX – LeatherRidersBoots_Gray (Female)

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  1. Carmilla Mirabeau

    That look really rawks on you! You need to go darker more often 🙂

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