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LeLutka Eclat Skins

I've been waiting for a looooooooong time for Lelutka's Eclat skins!!! It's coming…. TODAY!

There are 8 makeups per skin tone (base skin counts as a makeup), 2 different brow options, freckles option, 3 additional breast option on layers, and a vag. option (shaved & with hair).

Will fans of London like the new Eclat? I think so! I like it because the skin has a shinier look & definitely more boobs.

These are the 8 makeups that will be released today but I heard that more will be released in the future.

If you don't see your favorite ones right now, send in requests to Minnu!!!! I would love darker red lips on this skin tone, but there is another red lipstick on the Pale tone that is fantastic. Lelutka skins have a different set of makeups for each tone, which is why I wear several different shades, depending on the mood.

( only 2 brows this time ) I miss the other thinner brows soo much!! But this will do for now, hopefully in future releases there will be a thinner & lighter brow option.

( breast options! 1. on skin (default) 2. layer A 3. layer b 4. layer C )

( body )

This is all for my review of Eclat. Everyone should TP to LeLutka and demo these for yourself. There are several skin tones to choose from and even if you don't like how these skins look on me, you might love it on your own shape 🙂

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  1. RubyS Garnet

    What are all of those white spots, like on the lower back and sides of stomach and thighs? Is that your camera or are those on the skin? Face seems to have “oily” patches; again, your camera or on the skin? Dark collar bones, prominent veins on neck and back of hands is odd. Coloring seems very uneven to me from these photos.

  2. Jenny

    wow rubys, way to be rude! why don’t you check out the skin in world by getting a demo for yourself.
    anyway, gogo, this eclat skin looks incredibly gorgeous on you. seriously, i don’t think I’ve seen another avi that looks quite as good in this skin! I wish my avi could pull off this skin but sadly, not quite, haha.
    I did want to ask you though, where are your lashes from? they are so pretty, thanks for your help! 🙂

  3. Brez

    Hey there,
    I also wanted to ask about your fab lashes. BTW I got the eclat skin as a group gift and created a shape specially for it i liked it so much.

  4. RubyS Garnet

    Legitimate questions from a blogger, Jenny. I did end up getting a demo, and observed the same white patches, same oily face skin, dark collarbones, and prominent veins on the neck and hands. The coloring on the torso was very uneven. Think I will wait for the next batch, hopefully they will work on these areas. I guess Gogo was one of the few to be able to pull off this skin.

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