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Updating my blogroll

I’ve lost all my links.. if you keep an SL blog and would like to be syndicated, please leave your link below!

I would also like a link back to this updated url 🙂

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  1. Stacie Pryor

    Please add me to your blogroll. I have you on mine. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Alicia Chenaux


  3. ravenlynn

    ^_^ thankies

  4. elle

    i’m adding juicybomb to my roll now! thanks!

  5. Gasolinealex Serevi

    YoustyleSL is a new blog about men fashion in Second Life created and developed by me.I spend my time in sl looking for the latest fashion and the new brands that I want to introduce on my blog. It would be gr8 to be added! 😀 bah bye

  6. Brooke1 Ashbourne

    Add me! You are on mine now. 😀

  7. Ms. Robbiani

    You are added o/

    Ms. Robbiani’s Inventory

  8. Thema Felix

    Sounds like a plan, Gogo! I’d love to be added.

  9. Ewan Mureaux



  10. Shelby Rasmuson

    me too please!!!
    (adding you now)

  11. Lizzie Lexington – The Virtual Adventures of Lizzie

    Thank you very much!

  12. LenaLove Avro

    My blog is For the Love of Fashion. It’s really cool, and I’d love to be syndicated. Thanks!

  13. Gogo

    hi Lena, i’m just updating my blogroll so I’ve added your link 🙂

  14. Mai & Emma

    Hi, You are publishing our blog but I noticed the link in the blogroll has disappeared.

    xx Emma

  15. Mai & Emma

    oops! no you aren’t, lol. but if you’d like to…

  16. Delora Starbrook

    I’ll totally add you to my blogroll in exchange for a link!

  17. Terri Zhangsun

    Thank you!

  18. Harper Beresford

    Thanks for adding me 🙂

  19. Terri Zhangsun


  20. Harper Beresford

    Woudl help if I gave you a title: “A Passion for Virtual Fashion”

  21. Katey Coppola


  22. Dinalya

    Updated your link on my blog roll just now, n here is mine again

  23. Noelle Andel

    Oh So Couture <3
    I already had you on my blogroll, but i'll update it to your new link 🙂

  24. Justice Topaz

  25. Froukje Hoorenbeek


    Dutchies Other Life

  26. samara barzane
    The 3 Fashionteers

  27. Suri Alex

    Hey Gogo, could you add mine? It’s Suri Alex Style


  28. Ann Otoole

    Teh Juicybomb added

  29. Clear Canning

    Les Girls! =


  30. Desiree

    Hi, Gogo, I’d love to be added. I’ve added yours to mine. You can call me “Aquisitive” 🙂

  31. zalawonder
    Thanks 🙂

  32. Gabby McCullough Would love to be added! :))

  33. Chandni Khondji

    Would love to be added as well and will put your link into mine of course 🙂

  34. Jade Glazner

    Although the title I had to change to a “.” because I couldn’t get it to be invisible on the page. I kept having text over my banner, and it wouldn’t let me leave it blank. If you add me, you will have to change it manually to Bella Di Notte/Black no. 1

  35. Heather Beebe

    me please!

  36. Brandy Rasmuson

    Hi! You’re on mine already. 😀

  37. Sophia Harlow

    Just updated you. xo

  38. Banana Vella

    Well – you opened the floodgates on that one. lol

    Youre updated on mine… what would we do without updated Gogo posts!

  39. SarahTheRed 🙂

  40. Chalice Carling

    You are on mine – would love to be on yours 🙂

  41. Vanity Esparza

    and sorry for loss


  42. Kyng Johin

    Please add my blog:

    Name: Rezzing Beauty

    Thank you. Have linked back to your site.

  43. Annie paster

    id really luv being on blog roll

  44. Cath McMahon

  45. Willow Zander


    Thank you!

  46. queen coronet

  47. Linda Mensing

    Thank you 😉

  48. Fizzle Flatley

    Please add my blog:

    Name: ! FlatLand Metaverse


    Have added your link to mine. Thank you.

  49. IMAGE Models

    Could you add IMAGE Models to your blogroll? You are already on ours and we really {heart} you

    IMAGE Models


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