Hey! That looks like me!

Right now I think that 3rd party SL clients cannot download an avatar’s shape for their own use. In the future, if this is possible, would you wear a “decoy shape” in public to avoid having people download your shape or would you just wear your regular shape? I’m curious! Vote vote vote!

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  1. LMAO. If anyone wants my short, small breasted, pot bellied shape which gets mistaken for a pregnant teenager they’re more than welcome to it.

  2. I wouldn’t want anyone stealing my shape but if they really wanted it there are plenty of ways for them to get it. I would still wear my regular shape in public but I would just modify the face often so even if someone does steal it, they still won’t look just like my avatar, apart from not having the skin I’m wearing.

  3. My shape was stolen by a bot in a store over a year ago. She just turned into me wearing everything I was wearing. So I reported her and other friends teleported in, she turned into them. It was kind of like fighting the boggart in Harry Potter 😀 We all ARd her and contacted every creator who had made something we were wearing, but ever since then I’ve known it can be done so easily and I just had to work through my anger, sadness, denial, etc. and get over it.

  4. Most copybots even tho they can get your shape though intercepting can’t save them just quite they lose the data as soon as they change.. Same thing with scripts as it isn’t easy… those with more up to date versions should be able to take anything thats not in a box within a box..

  5. Hey, where’s the “I’m a hermit, no ones stealing my shape since I never leave home” option?

  6. Haha! Yeah, I’m with Ruby. Where’s the hermit option? Or, in my case, “I don’t leave my build area for weeks at a time because I’m working on new stuff” option. LOL! 😉

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