Do you mind nipples?

I like sheer fabric but I do not like drawn on nipples!! Not usually.. maybe on a bikini if it’s very faint. If I had a choice between wearing a top with nipples shaded onto the fabric or without, I would choose the one without. Do you mind nipples?

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  1. I especially hate it when they make it look like I’ve got my high-beams on, if you catch my drift :/

  2. It all depends on the top… I wear plenty of tops that should hint at nips if they were in RL… And so should in SL… But then I’ve seen some odd tops have nips for no reason…

  3. I really hate nipple shading, i wish designers would include both versions. I also hate the new Jeans fad, that shows your entire behind. But thats another discussion xP

  4. The nipple salute is something I’m not a fan of. If I wanted to show my coat hooks I would run around topless in the cold, not have shaded onto my vest >:(

  5. I am personally not a fan of the nips but I am sure are, LOL, so yeah designers should think about both versions. And honestly who would nip out in a classy silk cocktail dress in RL haha.

  6. I think it depends on the situation and look I’m going for. There is not really a time when I can say I either love or hate it. Its very situational. I would prefer the options of having both myself.

  7. i just mind them if they look ugly. i dont running around without or with clothers where its to ‘see’ them – but nevertheless i like to get a clean skin work.

    if there is the option for brows .. why not for nipples. might be a suggestion ..

  8. i really hate perky nipples drawn on stuff.. i have some shirts that are ruined by that and no other version was included D:

  9. Grrls love your nipples! Ok, it might be embaressing when they just pop up in a conversation with your boss, but it’s natural. I Love the Nipple-Look in SL and I love my Nipples.



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