Nardcotix Zelene Dress

I’ve been feeling extra festively lately. The holidays are coming, so there will be lots of occasions where you may need a sexy shimmery dress. I’m wearing the Nardcotix Zelene Dress in Gold, Silver, and Aqua. This dress comes in a wide selection of colors but I chose to wear these because they match Donna Flora’s newest Dolores choker & earrings set.

This is a system skirt, so be sure to wear your Skirt Shape with it. If you don’t know what a Skirt Shape is, it’s just your regular shape but with smaller hips and a smaller butt. I usually put on the system skirt and take away 10 or more points until I’m happy with the end result. No two skirt is alike, so go ahead and make a bunch of skirt shapes! 🙂

Why does your ass look twice as wide in a system skirt? I don’t know since it’s a mystery to me too, but the Skirt Shape is a way to minimize that. I’ve seen people say they ‘won’t change’ their shape for ANY REASON AT ALL. Really? Not even in a system skirt? You are brave! 😛

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Molly 07 [Fair] Glow Skin (Light Brows)
Magika Hair – Genesis (Platinum)
Nardcotix – Zelene Dress
Donna Flora – Dolores set (Pink, Gold)
Bare Rose – Clutch Bag (Black)
Nardcotix – Kurvy Pump (Black)

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  1. I just out and out refuse to wear system skirts and hence I don’t need to ever change my shape. If LL ever fixed system skirts so they didn’t suck without changing your shape, then I might reconsider…. Until then no system skirts for me, prim all the way…

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