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KA Designs has finished remodeling the new sim!! I blogged about the Sally skin last week during Skin Fair, but you can now get the complete line at KA Designs new main store. It’s so fantastic & sweet in the Pale skin tone. Each tone includes 10 unique makeups, 3 brows, and with or without hair base.

Don’t forget to check out the new clothes while you’re there! There’s a new collection out with some glamorous gowns and casual pieces.

Visit KA Designs

What I’m Wearing:

KA Skins – Bardot Sally Pale
Truth – Tanya (Coffee)
Truth – Rose (Black)
KA Designs – Gala (Blue)
KA Designs – Inte skirt (Black)
KA Designs – Lind Top (White)
Paper Couture – Diamond Pearl Menagerie Set
SLink – Felicia Classic Stiletto (Black)

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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Checked out so many skins at Vanity I almost went cross eyed, and have to say was pretty disappointed overall. Whilst techniques are improving it’s still hard to find skins that leap out at you and say wow. And everyone has been saying wow about the Sally skin.

    Well don Kira Ahn.

    PS. new island looks fab too x

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