I’m Leaving! I’m Back!

People leave SL or close their blogs all the time. Then they come back the next week, or next month, or they wait awhile and come back next year. Some people leave quietly, some people make sure everybody knows THEY. ARE. LEAVING. So, please take my attention whoring poll below!! I want to know……

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  1. I think one month is awhile, but don’t be called “I’m leaving!” more like a break.

  2. Hrm, really depends on the whole deal. I hate people who always “QUIT FOREVARZ” and then come back. I used to make fun of those people on BBSs and on IRC. Oh wait, I make fun of them now too!
    One of my favorite designers has taken a break for school and stuff and they announced it. I hope they come back!
    Basically- leave in dramas and holy festivus of wtfbbq then I will LOL.
    Leave due to other reasons- even if it’s a month- I will welcome you back regardless.

    I hope that made sense. <3

  3. i think it really depends on why they are leaving.. sometimes rl just gets in the way and you have to leave, and if rl stops getting in the way maybe you’ll be back. sometimes circumstances at the time might make you think you won’t be coming back so you say your goodbyes and then realize later that you will be able to return.

    i would only consider it attention whoring if they left all the time.. “omg i’m leaving sl!” every other day would probably get annoying after a while.

  4. Depends heavily on the terms of why they left and also how they left. If they are all “I just need a break” its one thing and I don’t think time is really a factor.. I’d say the same of RL getting in the way. You take the time you need.. for some thats a few days, for some that’s a year. Now if they leave in a horribly dramatic fashion I.E. a hissi-fit or drama explosion … I’m not sure enough time can pass to make a return okay honestly.

  5. if somebody want to ‘leave’ it has to be much more as half year. all under can be called BREAK! 😉

    to leave – isnt easy if a person is still addicted to sl cause of some passions which will be missed to come back.
    i can understand if ppl be frustrated cause of drama or other issues that didnt worked how they thought and they worked with passion on it – yes that can be disoppointed and frustrated. its very easy saiyed than ‘hey i leaving .. !’ but from my experience the most ppl will come back in a couple of months to one year of time.

    maybe it should helping themself to say to the hole world, that they like to leave. if many ppl thinking that of you, you dont wanna disoppointing them and yourself – the question is just, is this acting really serious or just born of a angry/sad/pissed off mood.

  6. Who isn’t attention whoring in SL – the whole game is a chat environment with zero objective, unless you consider being social or catching up to the latest pixel trends an objective. Whether you leave or stay you’re most likely attention whoring in some fashion.

  7. i’ve had plenty of attention whores on my list. It usually take me a month to 3 months before i start to remember and miss someone. depends on how active our relationship is and whether i talk to them alot.

    Most of the time it’s usually mood. You can’t leave sl we are all hypnotized! @[email protected]

    best way to leave sl is to get a rl. i’ve lost a few friends to rl… some of them are happy..

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