Sexy new SLink Sydney boots!

SLink has just released these sexy new Sydney Overknee boots!! The leather texture is soft & detailed, and sculpted zippers & buckles totally adds realism to the boots. I’m wearing Black but these boots also comes in Soft Red, Purple, Champagne, Chocolate, Gunmetal, Pink, Red, and White. So many colors to choose from!

Ding Fotherington got me hooked on this Darla hairstyle!!! I saw it on her Flickr this morning – it’s a free group gift from Alli&Ali Designs. I’m wearing the hair with full bright turned off (cos full bright is disgustinggggggg……)!!

Close-up of my new awesome U&R Dogs Ballet ring. The rings are no-mod but there’s a script to turn full-bright on/off. I’m wearing the OFF option, yay for choices. I’ve griped about this brand in the past for having full-bright jewelry, so I’m really glad they’ve installed the script to turn full-bright on/off.

*pics taken @ Malt’s yummy little corner cafe/bar thingie

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Molly 07 [Fair] Glow skin (Light brows)
Alli&Ali – Darla Hair (Lightblonde)
bijou – Survive (Mintgreen)
Fishy Strawberry – Geisha Leather Belt (Deep Sea)
U&R Dogs – Ballet Ring
SLink – Sydney Overknee Boot Black

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