New Truth Hair

Truth hair – Micah, Tallulah, Paloma, and Harper in Almond texture.

New Truth hair!! I’m liking this week’s release a lot, and enjoying all the new hair textures. You can find these new styles and more on the new Truth Hair sim.

I was digging around in my skins folder and found a stray skin simply labeled ‘Maya Prototype’ – it is one of the skins that Desidelia Vella is working on! This skin will be a new skin line at Free Speerit, whenever she gets around to completing it. It’s one of my favorite faces — so I’m hoping to see it released soon!

Ohhh…… you have my encouragement to bug Desidelia about it too! Send her IM’s tell her to H-U-R-R-Y!

What I’m Wearing:

Free Speerit – Maya Prototype Skin (not yet)
Truth Hair (all)
Luck Inc – Tankdress Rhinestone Skullieh

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