ANEXX @ SL Footwear Expo

I didn’t manage to go to the SL Footwear Expo until 20 minutes before it opened this morning. I didn’t finish seeing both of the sims but I liked what I saw! I managed to get a few pairs of shoes before the lag hit — and I couldn’t tp around anymore.

These lovely LaceUp Boots are from ANEXX. It has beautiful textures & sculpts and comes in baby Pink too!!

You get a slight discount for purchasing a 3-pack so I bought one that includes Red, Pink, and Dark Brown.

These boots includes two different top options — regular leather & Mouton.

SL Footwear Expo runs from November 22nd to December 6th – click here for the SLurl.

What I’m Wearing:
Redgrave – 04 Pale Skin -Jennifer- /softpink
Truth – Tallulah (Fudge)
Luck Inc – Sweaterdress (White)
ANEXX – LaceupBoots (all colors)

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  1. hey i love the boots.. im from melbourne australia, where can u buy the male version of the two way lace up boots?? thanks

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