Winter 2

YAY! New Gala Phoenix Winter 2 skins — just in time for the cold winter air. This set is so pretty and there are tons of great makeups to choose from! I love Winter in SL, you can get nice rosy-cheeks without freezing for real.

Each skin tone includes 6 makeups with 2 versions each, light and dark versions of the skin tone, and freckles.

Gala just gets better and better. I’m totally spoiled by the selection at Curio that I wish more skin designers would release different makeups for each season.

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What I’m Wearing:

Gala Phoenix – Petal [Dark] Winter 2 (all)
katat0nik – (naturals) Kat Jamz hair
artilleri – Taylor Scarf (red/aqua)
artilleri – Knit earmuffs! (blue)
artilleri – Oslo sweater (light blue)

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  1. Juicy hello, I love everything here always, you can tell me what is the shape of your store that you are using this picture, I like her so much.

    Beautiful blog 😀
    thank youu

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