Exile Cupcake Fairy

Hey! Do you know what LISA FRANK is? If you’re a girl, you do!!! I grew up obsessing over Lisa Frank items — it’s like Hello Kitty but with more rainbows!!!! and unicorns!! It’s a good day when you can dress your SL Av like a Barbie meets Lisa Frank doll.

Sparkle Skye is giving away this adorable Cupcake Fairy outfit to anyone that joins her subscribo group. Check it out.. it’s ADORABLE!!!!

I’m wearing the outfit with the latest hair release from Exile:

Tyra in Harlow

Monica in Harlow

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  1. As a green eyed girl in rl (who is always looking for a perfect green sl set of eyes) i have to ask….where are the eyes in this post from? they are really pretty.

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