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A GLANCE at Doutzen

Here I go…. I don’t review many of these “celebrity” skins because the sources are most likely not legit. There, I said it. Many people refuse to wear a celebrity face but places like Redgrave, Glance cater to these looks and there are tons of you out there that WANT to look like Beyonce, Doutzen, Devon, Adriana, or whoever.

I’m wearing the newest release from GLANCE skins, it’s the Doutzen line. I’m guessing this was named for Doutzen Kroes (the model) — the face looks a lot like hers. These skins at first glance are pretty decent – I picked the least grainy of all the new faces to review here. The skins have issues (seams, grainy) but they’re overall “nice” — nice enough for a $4,000L fatpack splurge? Sure! I did. I’m not saying I will wear these all the time, but I will wear it sometimes.

Doutzen comes with 10 makeups and no options. I wish there were different brow options, or something else.. maybe cleavage options? Shown above is 6 of the 10 makeups available and the skins are only available in this skin tone. So if you like light-tan, then this is for you.

The body is pretty smooth and decent, I think that this is Doutzen version 2, so it’s much nicer than version 1 (which I didn’t purchase because I thought the quality was too poor).

I am a perfectionist though, and I noticed this massive leg seam! Yikes.

Full-length body view

Visit GLANCE skins

What I’m Wearing:

Glance Skins – Doutzen
Truth – Abbey (Mirage)
artilleri – Beatrix top *Green*
Exodi – Nadia Shorts (DarkBlue)

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  1. isisprincess

    i went to there store. i really liked how beautiful the affrican skins looked and the lighter skin tones looked really lovely. i really like how you can buy a skin that looks like a celebrity but then you wear it and it’s like you give it it’s own look and life, so in the end you look more like yourself with a fancy look
    ^_^. i only wish i could afford one, but until then i’ll just keep wearing these beautiful demos and keep on a~dreaming

  2. Win

    I got a skin from Glance once (Adriana).. The demo looked great, but the skin was different. The seams on the legs were horrible. And when I tried to contact the creator I got the worst customer support ever. She could see the difference between the demo and the skin I got, but was not willing to help me out at all.

  3. Bell

    hmmm but what is that black line above the lips? is that a moustache? :O

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