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Ass kissing your way to the top

Let’s talk about ass kissers. Everybody knows somebody like this. Maybe it’s you? Please take my poll below — it’s an easy one, you can only choose ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’ — if you want to leave additional thoughts, go for it! πŸ™‚

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  1. Ana Boogiewoogie

    You can kiss-ass your way into friends’ list, but people won’t buy your stuff if it sucks. πŸ˜›

  2. elysium

    I have seen this work for people, unfortunately.

    oh by the way Gogo, i love your blog and you are so pretty and popular and have such great style and i just want you to know that i am a really big fan. πŸ˜‰

  3. Kitty Lalonde

    I agree with Ana, unless you’re a lady or gentleman of the night then ass kissing will prolly get you a lot further.

  4. Sevenstar Amat

    itΒ΄s sad, but I really belive that asskissig woks for those who practice it

  5. Julie Abel

    Or they just jump on the bandwagon of every hot topic. Or quick to put up their store as a place to hold a memorial for someone they didnt even know to get their name out there as some kind of “saint” and good person. Nice way to get to the top. I hate ass kissers. Notice how everything that comes up they must attach their name to it?

  6. kesseret

    either asskissing or drama creating…. both work to further you in SL.

  7. Melanie

    Yeah, I’ve seen people work it, and it’s taken them places. Sad but true.

  8. Ms. Robbiani

    I don’t think I can hang out with any one who agrees… What some people call ass-kissing is sometimes just someone being a good friend. Didn’t some blogger call the Starlust community a conspiracy? People help their friends. But if a friend doesn’t do any work or have any talent of their own then they are not going to succeed at anything.

  9. Ewan Mureaux

    Sticking to what you believe and being genuine gets you further for longer but ass kissing might help you get along faster it just wont last.

  10. Morgan Bradders

    Unfortunately, it works. I’ve seen a few less-talented designers and ones who put minimal effort into their products(i.e. seams virtually everywhere) get blogged a lot and I can’t help but wonder how they do it.

  11. Ann Otoole

    Sycophant (corporate ot political ass kissser) success depends entirely upon the ass kisser’s innate psychic ability to bet on the right horse and kiss the right asses. All sycophants are gamblers. They are gambling the ass they are kissing will not fall out of favor. Therefore it is a risk game. Imagine if you were an ass kisser and the ass you have become known to have your faceplant in is exposed for something devastating like copyright infringement? Not good for you is it?

    As for blogging and what gets blogged? Don’t follow blogs that praise obviously amateur stuff. Look for the jewels of the SL bloggers. I mean who doesn’t like to see another Juicy Bomb skin review? Of course everyone is looking at the pictures lol.

    The real ass kissing goes on at office hours in world lol. That is where people nurture serious competitive advantage.

  12. Lizzie Lexington

    It will help you get um, important people (I just puked a bit in my mouth saying that) in your picks but it won’t sell your work if you can’t design. It may make you famous on plurk LOL but it won’t sell your efforts if the talent isn’t there. But then again my goal in life is to do nothing but kiss your ass gogo – make me famous will ya LOL. Hugs Lady!

  13. Lenora

    I wonder why none of the talent that seems to be outside of the cliques gets plugged. Please can we stop seeing the same 10 designers because you guys are all friends? You can’t really deny this to be true – do people really need to keep posting the same 3 dress designs from SLinc in different colors or the same 5 hairs from Truth because he added some whispy bangs? I think most people come to these blogs to see the new stuff. So does us asskissing get your shit to sell – probably not unless you do it really well and become a part of the clique which seems to dictate the the trends in SL. Does it happen in RL? Sure, no doubt. This isn’t RL – these aren’t real labels – I really hardly want my intangible pixel items to be “designer” gimme a break. I could really rant about this all day tbh – the stealing off of renderosity – the people opening multiple stores and claiming it’s something completely different – the general bullshit that goes on right under everyone’s nose and no one takes accountability. The fact that now the only stuff people review is the stuff they get for free…..

  14. Lizzie Lexington

    @Lenora – I plug Truth’s hair for two reasons: The first being when he comes out with an offbeat or unique style a la Lizzie Lexington because I like it when hair creators that are considered more commercial or mainstream take a turn to the left and get all CRAZEEE haha. The second being to excite some drama llama gossip queens I know of – yes its antagonistic but its also FUUNNN. To be honest its more for the first reason but I get what you are saying as well. This what I think when it comes to blogging a product or look and it could be formed as a question a blogger might want to ask him or herself before hitting the submit button: Why am I blogging this product today? Is it because I love the product? Is it to inform my readers? Does the product fit my particular character or design? Is it to create controversy? Do I see myself as a champion for this designer? Or am I kissing ass, LOL. Ultimately its the blogger’s blog and they blog for their reasons. If they wanna kiss ass let them…cause in the end the asses they are trying to kiss will figure it out LOL.

  15. Layla Corryong

    I’m going to agree with what lizzie posted about it’s the blogger’s choice to who they decide to blog about, but i’m also with lenore about the same designers. I think that juicy bomb is one of the best fashion blogs on sl, but it does go into “mean girls” world sometimes. “Mean girls” world meaning it’s who is in the “clique” so to say. That is upsetting sometimes because I wish it wouldn’t go to that place cause it’s supposed to be about the art. Truth we got a million up and coming designers now on sl who purchased some clothing on xstreet and think they are calvin kline now, but is it wrong to accuse them of asskissing. Who’s to say that they are even kissing your ass maybe they do actually admire you as a writer want to express that. After all isn’t that why anyone does what they do, To inspire and hope that others get enjoyment out what what they are giving. I don’t know if any of this makes sense but basically what i’m saying is this, it’s better to have you ass kiss than not to have it kissed at all. I’m mean when it’s being kiss you know you are doing something right. ttyl layla

  16. Layla Corryong

    kissed* you know you are doing something right lol…typo

  17. Lenora

    ehhh… sure it’s the blogger’s blog – I don’t deny that – I don’t care if the blogger cheerleading for their friend decides to plug them all day long – but there is no benefit to the blogger /shrug aside from some free shit – but these days you probably already have it in purple anyway…. I just would like to see some new stuff and I am FAR too lazy to go trucking through SL in order to dig it up – that’s what you bloggers like to do I thought!

  18. Kalel Mommsen

    i swear i’m the nicest guy in the world but get nothing for it vs

    those asskissers and talented assholes that get everything.

    someone want to teach me?

  19. Lash Xevious

    I don’t think asskissers get farther in SL. Firstly, asskissers aren’t really nice people to begin with. So if you think you’re a nice person, caring, compassionate, sorry, you might not be an efficient asskisser. Ego stroker maybe. Asskissing just serves the asskisser by pretending everything they do is in defense or for the honour of another, when in reality, it’s all a sham to make them look good. Ego strokers just selflessly want to make the other person feel good.

    Asskissers like to stir up shit and make people within the same social circle bicker amongst themselves while they traipse about acting like the great mediator. You know the kind, having the gall to preach about humanity when in truth, they started, escalated, and prolong most drama so they can have opportunities to step in and “shine.” Again, it just serves themselves.

    Any asskisser who thinks they are on top of SL is just giving into their delusion of grandeur. In reality, most folks never heard of them. Those that do, always will go, “what does so and so do anyway?” And when one looks at an asskisser, the utter lack of talent, lack of individuality, and lack of backbone is always transparent.

    There’s no reason to envy them. Pity them. It’s the humane thing to do.

  20. Nimil Blackflag

    i’ve tried to be an ass kisser but after a while it just makes me gag…

    you should always be true to yourself. i think it sucks that people will decide you are an ass kisser just because you know such and such, or you wear so and so’s brand. i know some pretty well known sl people myself, and i don’t know them because i kiss their ass. i know them because i genuinely like them and i assume they genuinely like me as well. and i tell them how it is, even if it might not be what they want to hear.

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