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Imagen Clara Skins

I’m so impressed with IMAGEN’s Clara skins!! Check them out at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair!

I love the Blonde brows on these skins, they’re so well done. It’s so rare that somebody does nice Blonde brows, so I’m very very happy that these are just right, exactly how I like my brows. Each skin tone includes 16 makeups, and has a nice assortment of lipstick choices.

Visit IMAGEN’s Main Store

What I’m Wearing:

IMAGEN – Clara (Este) Skins
Magika – Is (Blonde E)
Luck Inc – Tankdress Cute Heart Skulliehs

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  1. Dark R

    great exactly how you like your brows! Your free skins. It’s stupid designers give you stuff for free and you dictate stuff like that above. Your shape is crap so we all have to suffer in the future with skin designers making stuff for your awful stuff cause they are sucking up to a horrible blogger. Used to be good and different, not now. XRAOPJF

  2. Gogo

    @Dark – I’m a horrible blogger.. so show me what you got? Start your own blog and show off YOUR shape and YOUR amazing writing skills, k?

  3. SarahTheRed

    Dark, my shape’s nothing like Gogo’s, and I think Imagen skins look adorable on me. No need to insult designers simply because you don’t care for a blogger.

    Oh, and Gogo, great job showing off the skin, as always.

  4. Tristan Micheline

    I don’t see anything wrong with your shape.
    I also like a picture filled post with less words so I can focus on the pics.

    As for the free stuff part… jealous much ? What designers choose to do with their products is their business.. They really are the only people who should have a say in this matter…

  5. Sneako

    bah I think that one person is right. I mean we give the skin creators their income, not this boring blogger. It’s really bs. The creators should share with everyone equally and treat their customers with respect. Never listen to these bloggers.

    The bloggers shape isn’t that great either. There’s better blogs. I just suggest you go there. Looks like this one just calls their friends to back them.

  6. Katey


    I <3 Gogo and her horrible horrible shape! πŸ˜‰ <3

  7. Evie

    Except -you- showed up, too. So clearly you’re a reader.

    “The creators should share with everyone equally…”

    I just *know* you’re not suggesting that skin makers give their skins away for nothing to customers so that everything’s “equal”. That would be both greedy and stupid.

    Think about it. They offer review copies to bloggers, who reach hundreds of people a day, helping to let everyone -know- they’ve put something new out, and I consider that a courtesy on the part of the creator.

    I had also never heard of this particular skin store before today, so I’d say that’s pretty effective marketing. Smart skin maker. All that exposure for the cost of one fatpack.

    However there’s -nothing- in this blog entry which indicates Gogo got these gratis. For all we know, she dropped a few thousand lindens on the skins, because she wanted them, just like everybody else

    So.. you know… *blows a raspberry*

  8. Lili B.

    Pfffffft. There’s that paranoia that bloggers dictate anything to anyone again. Can’t people make up their own minds ? Believe it or not, that is actually what the pictures on this blog are here for, for you to see, and if you like what you see, to check it out in-world. Which is why creators send Gogo skins. Because she blogs skin, hair and clothes releases everyday and people know when coming here they’re bound to see something new. And whether you like what you see or not is up to you, but nobody is forcing it down your throat.


  9. Rack Brautigan

    Dear troll, I treat my customers with respect and send review copies to every blogger that ask me for review copies. And yeah, Gogo got these gratis, I don’t think that’s a big deal. Taking pretty pictures isn’t that easy, you know.

  10. Gidge

    Someday I want to be a rock star and have all skinners create skins just for me.


    (please note – sarcasm).

  11. Lizzie Lexington

    @ Dark – OMFG get over it PLEASE. Stop making me suffer with your BS.

  12. Lita Applemoor

    Oh my gosh…why are there, like, 3 people belly-aching because she got the skin for free? I thought that the point of SL fashion blogs was to introduce us to stores that we might have missed otherwise because some of us tend to frequent our favorite stores over and over again. If you dont like her blog…hit the X tab and find one that you do.

  13. Leeloo

    Bloody hell! im not friends with any well known bloggers, so im not in the loop here…is all this coming from pissed off alt’s? all the negative comments seem to be popping up regularly now for no apparent reason.

    I think it has nothing to do with skin’s…in which case these people need to get a life, maybe outside of sl.

  14. Nedeko

    wow i am impresed too of this images! i still have the old style in my memories – she improved a lot. all the details on the eye browns and the lips! thats really beautifull done <3 i love it!


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