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Kira Ahn Sally Skin

I hope you’ve had a chance to visit the  Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009 because there are tons of new skins to try and buy!! I’m loving some of the new stuff released from some of my favorite brands.

Kira Ahn debut these Sally skins @ skin fair, but you can buy the entire line at the main store as well. I think Sally is just beautiful, and one of the best KA skins yet.

Sally comes with 3 brow options, and 10 makeups per skin tone. Normally I’m a Light Brows girl, but this time around I have to say I love the Dark Brows on these.. such a dramatic contrast to the sweet face. It reminds me of Megan Fox’s brows!

Here are all 10 makeups available (I’m wearing Sunkissed skin tone):

These are STUNNING…………

Visit KA Designs Island or get it at Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Abbey (mocha)
Kira Ahn Skins – GS2 Sally (Sunkissed)
Stellar – Luscious Leather Dress (Plum)
Narcotix – Kurvy Pumps (Purple)

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  1. Tess

    I really like those on you. It reminds me of a more subtle version of The Eclat Skins from Lelutka.

  2. Lenora

    I just want to add – if people go to the skin fair can we be courteous and take off the sculpties and anti inspect shields (which don’t do anything aside from make you look guilty of being a copybotter) along with all of the other crap that causes this whole experience to suck? I have been trying to move an inch in this place for 10 mins – and all of the people who are being rude and obnoxious by not detaching this stuff aren’t rezzing for me anyway so I see big grey blobs with sculpty looking turds coming out of their foreheads. Makes the whole event a complete turn off.

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