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Tuli Bella Skin

Stunning… Tuli Bella skins will be released Friday, November 6th!

There are 10 makeups available for each skin tone, 3 brows and 3 cleavage choices. I really like the diverse makeups for these skins, I love it when designers use tons of different colors so you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth with a fatpack. The same lipstick color with different eyeshadow is BORING! That’s not worthy of a fatpack purchase – but Tuli’s does them all differently and I really appreciate that. <3

These makeups are stunning, and one of them is called Gogo (top image, middle). All these makeups are named for people in SL, so it was kind of interesting to see how Tuli interprets each one of us through her makeups.

The cleavages!

Showing off one of the Push Up cleavage choices! YAY for a stunning body.

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What I’m Wearing:

Tuli – Bella (Pale) skins
Truth – Cameron (Coffee)
Adam n Eve – Leopardess Black
Kookie – Twiggy Vest (Razzle Pink)
Sweetest Goodbye – Jeans (White)
Narcotix – Kurvy Pumps (Red)

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  1. Shannen

    you dont deserve to have the skins before the people who PAY for them and help the creator by giving out money tothem. You’re a nobody and it’s sad that the creator passes these to you over the people who pay her fucking bills. bullshit!

  2. Gogo

    @Shannen, I don’t see how it is ‘bullshit’ when a creator wishes to send review copies to people they know will blog & help publicize their creations. IRL the media often get exclusive previews of unreleased items so they can publicize it to the general public. It’s no different in SL — I know my blog is not “the biggest” blog, but I get 2,000 hits daily. If a handful of those hits translate to sales for the creators, then I think it is well worth it for them.

  3. Gypsy Helendale

    Wow Shannen jealous much? I love your blog Gogo and have made purchases because of your awesome and in depth reviews. <3

  4. elysium

    Blogs are a great way for designers to promote their creations, and anyone who thinks Gogo doesn’t deserve these has no idea how hard she works. I’d be willing to bet that most designers blogged by her see an increase in sales after the post. Why would you attack a blogger for promoting something that a designer has sent her?

  5. Kavar

    These are amazing skins.. so beautiful, some of Tuli’s best yet and the photos are amazing as usual gogo.

    Shannen.. you obviously have an issue with gogo.. why do you troll her blog. If you don’t like her dont read, pretty simple to work out, even though I’m sure she appreciates your hits raising her rank.

  6. Sevenstar Amat

    Shannen, you must be very frustrated and full of jealousy to react like this. Gogo is not “nobody” she is doing very much in the blogger field and for many designers here she offers us a plattform to present ourselfs for free. I think she dedicates her whole life to this project more or less. If you want to be in her shoes and get stuff for free you must deserve it. And that means hard work instead of moaning.

  7. Leeloo

    Glad to hear Tuli is well enough to get the skin’s out, they look fabulous!

    Btw, personal attacks on bloggers? wtf? Shannon, can you imagine how often bloggers would be able to post stuff if they had to pay for EVERYTHING? *wonders if Gogo wears diamond shoes and sleeps on a big pile of money…..* πŸ™‚

  8. Rezie

    Shannen, I’m a creator and I absolutely think it’s the right thing to do to give bloggers (especially really good ones like Gogo) review copies. SL doesn’t have “foot traffic” in the same sense as RL, so the only way to let people know that you’ve made new content (besides group notices, which are less than effective) is to give it to bloggers that you know will (a) be able to show it off with amazing pictures, and (b) be able to get your content viewed by a lot more people than any other medium possible. I always see increased sales after bloggers post my stuff, so sending them free review copies ALWAYS translates into more sales and therefore more cash for me. Also, awesome point Leeloo.

    Aside from that: Omigosh, I <3 Tuli and these are her most amazing work yet I think. I usually just buy singles, but I'm totally thinking of splurging on the whole fatpack this time around. πŸ˜€

  9. Lizzie Lexington

    Jealousy is really the new black in SL, LOL

  10. isisprincess

    Shannen, i for one am for speaking up about things your concerned with , but no one is a nobody and no one deserves to be treated like that. i do not like the idea of review copies because of giving something so that you can get shown (it can turn pretty bad pretty fast with people using it to buy there way up the ladder of popularity. my own personal opinions, which i might get flogged about, but i have seen people do this in different areas of’s different if you give items without any strings to bloggers or anyone, and bloggers can simply enjoy it or say something . also, theres the downside where you end up only wanting to blog things you have had sent to you and can often get stuck into a cycle of showing mostly those items from those creators, another bummer )
    i know what it is like to feel fed up over the way things are set (in the media and secondlife and socicity in general). but no matter what treat everyone with respect . she didnt deserve what you said, and you wouldnt deserve to be treated like that. from personal experince, it hurts to have someone shove you and thats what it felt like :/. if your burned up about something, then speak about it but when you do take your time to think about your side her side and all the other sides and also how you would like to be treated if someone had something to say to you. anyway, to gogo, i like how you handled it, kudos to you and have a great evening.

  11. alejandro

    hello what is the shape you used for the above model?

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