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Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009

I snuck in early to snap some pictures so you’ll know what to expect tomorrow, when Skin Fair opens! My first impression is that this skin fair is extremely well organized, the layout is GREAT. Shops are arranged in a square, you can easily walk from one level to another and not miss any shops along the way.

There’s even a teleport board upon landing so you can visit just the shops you want if you’re in a hurry. I can’t wait for the official opening.. this will be a good one! 🙂

Store Number   –  Store and Designer

1    Kira Ahn
2    CHAI Launa Fauna
3    Adam And Eve  Sachi Vixen
4    Idiosyncrasy Ashia Tomsen
5    ys&yh Monicuzza Babenco
6    Nikita Fride
7    Exodi Ryker Beck
8    Pulse  Lorac Farella
9    Chaisuki Chai Kazan
10    Belleza Tricky Boucher
11    PXL  Creations Hart Larsson
12    Curio Gala Phoenix
13    Redgrave Emilia Redgrave
14    a piece of candy Candy Enoch
15    Bodys by Eve  Eve Express
16    BEBAE -Torie Senne
17    Beauty Avatar  Aida Ewing. Sita Loire
18    Symphony Skins Claire Harford
19    Shapes by Kira Kira Parderborn
20    Lion Skins Lion Jonesford
21    ROSY MOOD  Calico Felisimo Gold
22    League Nena Janus
23    [The oBscene] Kuja Akina
24    Imagen Rack Brautigan
25    GeEs Design  Gandalf Edman
26    Ayumi Ayumi Shinn
27    Free Speerit* Desidelia Vella
28    N.B.LOOK! Nadja Baxter
29    Digit darkes
30    BAIASTICE Sissy Pessoa
31    ..::MAI::..   BodyShop.. MiraSonia Demina
32    ALB DREAM FASHION Analee Balut
33    xtc Designs  Baby Shortbread
34    JBella Di Notte ade Glazner
35    Apparence Skins & Shapes Marisa Gregan
36    !! SD Skins SteinerDesigner Ur
37    G9 Jeanine Congrejo
38    DeeTalez Steffi Villota
39    Coquette. Shannon Carroll
40    B&T  Atelier  Babylee Timeless
41    Splashing Doll Kryptonia Paperdoll
42    Dulce Secrets AnneAlyce Maertens
43    Alite Lianna Diesel
44    Unbra Amatt Wunderlich
45    [Aden]  Aden Breyer
46    SaWoDe Sanalyildiz Yalin

Visit Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009

Read more about it at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009 website.

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  1. Nadja Baxter

    wonderful picture and post 🙂 Thank you gogo 🙂
    Mimikri Kit and Anyusha Lilienthal made the layout and the dekoration

  2. Brez

    The skinfair sim must be right next to the wild coast naturalist resort – because when people were getting booted yesterday from their attempts to log into the resort guess where they were landing? How appropriate.

  3. Linda

    I don’t know why LAQ never take part of events like this.

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